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​Highly directable and approachable,
Kalyn McCabe delivers a bright, sweet, yet mature sound that is sure to entice your audience. 
She provides a top-tier performance where you know you made the right choice.


Clients have raved how much of a joy Kalyn is to work with. So what are you waiting for?

 Kalyn can bring your project out of water and into life!

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Character Demo ReelKalyn McCabe
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Commercial Demo ReelKalyn McCabe
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Studio Specs

- Recording Environment: Treated closet 
- Preamp: Solid State Logic 2
- Microphone: Neumann TLM 103 with pop filter

Recording DAW: Audacity

Connection: Zoom, Discord, Microsoft Teams


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“Kalyn presents a wonderful array of voices! She is capable of balancing professionalism and fun, with a tremendous energy and enthusiasm towards her work. In the booth, she is a joy to direct and always open to feedback in pursuit of your vision.”


“...knows how to take and give creative input when needed, and deliver a punctual performance that satisfies both herself and her director...”
“Sometimes, when working with so many voiceover performances, it can feel like just another day. Never with her; it's always a joy.”


"Kalyn has been top-notch awesome at doing her part for my team. I can tell you one thing Kalyn has not failed to do: ignore directions, turn lines in on time, and mess up or forget to do lines. I've had a pleasure working with her, she is truly natural."


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